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Jamey Haddad – Under One Sun, 10/22


Mark your calendars for October 22, at 7:30 pm,  at Deer Head Inn for a vibrant international jazz performance with Jamey Haddad (on tour with Paul Simon) with his band known as Under One Sun.

Jamey Haddad, on tour with @Paul Simon
Joining Haddad (drums/perc)
Billy Drewes (Sax & flute)
Roberto Occhipinti (Canada) on bass
Leo Blanco (Venezuela) on piano
Michael Ward Bergeman, accordion
Ali Amr, qanun

Advance tickets ($20) can be purchased online on Eventbrite at :

Paul Simon quotes:

“Many musicians attempt to find a common language or palette of colors that create musical neologisms, but it’s an endeavor more easily dreamed of than made real. Under One Sun is an example of the dream come true. The group blends seemingly disparate sounds and flavors into a rhythmic stew that makes a musical feast—music that is visceral and intellectual at once. Changing time signatures with an ease that belies the fact that this is their first studio recording, Under One Sun leaves us satisfied and looking forward to hearing its next incarnation.”

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