Jamey Haddad – Under One Sun – 6/25

Jamey Haddad – Under One Sun – 6/25

TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jamey-haddad-and-under-one-sun-tickets-63138651406?ref=eios

Jamey Haddad, on tour with @Paul Simon
Joining Haddad (drums/perc)
Billy Drewes (Sax & flute)
Roberto Occhipinti (Canada) on bass
Leo Blanco (Venezuela) on piano
Michael Ward Bergeman, accordion
Ali Amr, qanun

From the desk of Paul Simon:

Jamey Haddad and I have been making music together for nearly twenty years. As a percussionist with a constellation of instruments from different cultures and continents, he fits into my band and provides the glue that makes it hang together rhythmically. He provides a similar service for his remarkable group Under One Sun

Under One Sun plays a gentle swinging music arranged and composed by members of the octet who come from six different countries and three continents. Still, the music feels natural with a sound, solidly rooted in American jazz, that can incorporate Al Amr’s qanoon from Palestine and Billy Drew’s sax from the U.S.A.

Many musicians attempt to find a common language or palette of colors that create musical neologisms but it’s an endeavor more easily dreamed of than made real. Under One Sun is a successful example of the dream come true. The group blends seemingly disparate sounds and flavors into a rhythmic stew that makes a musical feast; music that is visceral and intellectual at once. Changing time signatures with an ease that belies the fact that this is their first studio recording Under One Sun leaves us satisfied and looking forward to hearing their next incarnation.

-Paul Simon


Under One Sun:

Three rhythm masters transport an adventurous octet. Under One Sun’s stunning debut is spearheaded by saxophonist/multi-reedist Billy Drewes and master percussionist JAMEY HADDAD. Drewes’ compositions are gorgeous world music/jazz celebrations that unfold in unexpected and arresting ways. Haddad is best known for his global hand drumming/percussion, so it’s a treat hearing him here in his role as kit player. Not surprisingly, he delivers effortless feel, precision, dynamics, and an uncanny skill for coloration and orchestration. But the paramount rhythmic wonder here is Haddad’s union with tabla player SALAR NADER and conga/timbale player LUISITO QUINTERO. There is never rhythmic clutter or sonic/textural conflict—only inter-complementing of the highest order. The sophisticated arrangements exploit the beauty of unusual instrumentation that also includes bass, piano, qanun (a horizontal stringed instrument), and the specially designed “hyper accordion.” Eight musicians from five countries, under one sun, creating a singular, transfixing voice. (Oberlin Music) Jeff Potter, Modern Drummer, Feb. 2017




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