Terms and Conditions

To reserve a room, we request your name, phone number, address, and a Visa, Master or Discover Card with expiration date; 6% State and 3% Hotel Tax is applied to all charges.
Rooms are located on the third and fourth floors of the building – one suite and 4 rooms on each floor. There are 20 steps to each floor; we do not have an elevator.
Check-in is located on the first floor in the bar area; please see the bartender upon arrival.
Check in is any time after 3 pm, and check out at 11 am.
If you are staying at the Inn on a night when the restaurant/downstairs is not open, arrangements will be made to meet you at your estimated arrival time.
Each room is priced for single or double occupancy. There is a $20 per person charge for each additional guest.
The suites can accommodate 3 to 4 people. The king room on the fourth floor may also be arranged as two twin beds. Reservations must be made in advance for this arrangement.
Each room at the Inn is well-appointed with unique pieces of furniture, rugs, and colors. The third floor rooms are graced with 12 foot ceilings. When you reach the fourth floor, you are in the mansard roof, giving the rooms a cozy charm with dormer windows; ceilings are slightly lower measuring in at 10 feet. Each room has four windows, with the third floor suite having six. All rooms are set up with one bed, with the exception of the suites.
Rooms are not equipped with phones, TVs, or refrigerators. WIFI is available.
For questions or checking on your reservation please give us a call.
570.424.2000 or Email Us