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Kim Parker


Kim Parker
Photo by Garth Woods

Skip Wilkins and I return to present an entirely new evening of material
ranging from Steve Kuhn and Dave Frishberg,  back to Tom Waits
and Cole Porter. We have really mined some gold this time.

Our process is extravagantly simple: When we’re both in town, we
get together once a week and try to thrill each other. Almost every
tune we bring passes our unspoken test.

Though our collaboration may be relatively brief, Skip and I each
bring many decades of loving “just good tunes”. Skip is a wonderful
pianist, but he is also a singer and brings a singer’s sensitivity to his
accompaniment. He’s got me down!

If you’d enjoy an evening listening to songs that are rich, rewarding
and lovingly handled by two seasoned performers, please help
make it a special night and join us at the Deer Head Inn
on January 30th.